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 Women Clinic Perform Abortions

women clinic uses pills to abort and we make sure your health comes first.

 An Abortion where pills are used to terminate the pregnancy is called a Medical Abortion.

Our medical abortions are safe and carry less risks because it looks like a miscarriage risks during an abortion may increase if you decide to abort a late term pregnanc So do not wait until its late.

A Medical Abortion procedure is a form of early abortion caused by the combination of two Abortion pills.

While at the clinic a healthcare Professional will have a scan or some pregnancy tests done in order to confirm the number of weeks then we shall walk you through how the whole procedure will work and what will be needed.

A scan will be performed to detect the health of the fetus if it is in the normal position.

You will be given a pill to swallow which is meant to block the hormone called (Progesterone) that is needed to maintain the pregnancy.

Because this hormone is blocked, the uterine lining begins to shed, hence softening the cervix. 

After a few hours, another set of tablets will be placed in the vagina. You can place the tablets yourself or have a healthcare professional place them.