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Abortion pills [medical abortion] up to 20 weeks

The abortion pill’,(medical abortion) is a non invasive procedure for termination of pregnancy.

we routinely provide medical abortions [abortion pills] up to 20 weeks

what to expect with the abortion pills [non surgical abortion] at the clinic

At your procedure visit, the nurse will perform trans vaginal ultra sound. You will discuss your decision and option with the nurse and talk more about the termination of pregnancy with medical procedure, side effects and risks outlined in the medical guide.

A nurse will take your vital signs [blood pressure, heart rate and temperature] and you will meet with a physician.

The physician will ask you about your decision and answers some questions you may have.

The physician will then give you the first pill to take mifepristone [mifeprex tablet] that you will take orally.

If your blood type is Rh negative, a nurse will administer an injection of Rhogam in the recovery room.

You will be given a prescription for pain medication and reminded how to contact us in case of an emergency.

The physician will also dispense a packet containing 800 mcg of misoprostol to take home.

At home

At home the misoprostol should be taken between 12- 24 hours after swallow the mifeprex tablets at AWC.

All the 4 pills misoprostol should be left in the mouth approximately 30 minutes to dissolve.Anything left in the mouth after 30 minutes should be swallowed.Contractions and bleeding should begin in 1-2 hours after taking the misoprostol

Bleeding and cramping

Most people can expect very heavy bleeding with this method and it is normal to pass some large clots.

Bleeding may continue off and on for several days or weeks and can range from a light flow or spotting, like periods.

However, if you do not begin bleeding within 24 hours.

Your soaking through 2 or more pads per hour for 2 hours in row, please call AWC immediately.

cramping is normal with this type of abortion and may be much more than a period.Pain medication will be prescribed.

Follow – up visit

Approximately 7-10 days after your first visit you will return to AWC for a repeat vaginal ultrasound.

Approximately 1% of people using the abortion pill method will not end their pregnancies.

And 2-3% will have remaining pregnancy tissue in the uterus at the time of the follow-up appointment.

If the abortion is complete, you will discuss birth control options and future care.

If you are still pregnant, you will most likely need surgery to complete the abortion.

It explains how pregnant people can end a pregnancy with misoprostol, because everyone has the right to safe abortion care.
It explains how pregnant people can end a pregnancy with misoprostol, because everyone has the right to safe abortion care.